Newspapers – 1930s

This week! There are so many blog posts that are in my mind, but not ready to publish.  However, lots of good lessons are occurring in the [...]


How do you organize your library budget? I create a Google spreadsheet  for each line item with the final amount.  Anytime I spend money f [...]

Poetry Stations

I love poetry! However, students do not love poetry.  Our ELA 9 teachers wanted a way to introduced poetry to their students that was inter [...]

Fake News

We advertise on our Toilet Paper newsletter (located in the staff bathrooms) pop-up mini-lessons.  The Fake News lesson is a popular lesson [...]

Nickel Boys – Book

I just finished Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead.  I really, really enjoyed this book for many reasons.  It brings to light a difficult sto [...]

Knowledge Quest Blog

I am fortunate to write for AASL Knowledge Quest blog each month. Once a month, I post an article on the site about a library-related topic. [...]

New Year

The new year started in the library on January 2nd with teachers back at school. Several teachers sent us emails to schedule the library the [...]

Welcome Home!

Welcome to my newly established blog. I started a blog in early 2006 and continued it through 2011 when I changed positions in my district. [...]
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